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Adraxx L293D Motor Driver IC(H-Bridge) Set of 2

For controlling DC and bipolar stepper motors and You can use this IC to control 2 DC motors with individual directional and speed control
₹ 499.00 ₹ 199.00

Adraxx TP4056 1A Li-ion lithium Battery Charging Module Charging Board Charger Micro USB

The charging board can also be powered by pin (IN + and IN-) and Onboard MINI USB head can directly link computer USB port charging
₹ 499.00 ₹ 249.00

L293D Arduino Motor Driver Shield for Servo, Stepper & DC Motor Expansion Board

Dc motors with individual 8-bit speed selection up to 2 stepper motors (unipolar or bipolar) with single coil, double coil or interleaved stepping
₹ 499.00 ₹ 299.00